It goes without saying that your pet is a member of the family. Maybe you're the kind of person who considers their pet to be their child, or brother, or sister. Or maybe you at least know someone who does that. Regardless, your pet deserves to be shown off. And what better way to do so then have a beautifully hand-drawn portrait of them hanging on your wall?

I started doing pet portraits by drawing a portrait of my aunt and uncles' two dogs as a present, and was instantly hooked. I love seeing photos of the most adorable animals, and being able to provide pet owners with drawings they will cherish for a long time. I do all of the portraits in colored pencil on archival, acid-free paper. I work from your favorite photos of your pets to create an engaging portrait, and I try to visually capture your pet's unique personality. 

Speaking from experience, a customized, artistically drawn portrait also makes a great gift to close friends or family members. Perfect for pet lovers and friends of pet lovers alike!

I look forward to seeing your cute furry friends!







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